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Easter Week 2

13 Apr 2020

 Easter Week 2

Good morning everyone and Happy Easter!

I hope you have all had a good Easter weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. 

Pictures to Share from Last Week

I found a caterpillar!

Great excercising! Is everyone remembering to do some excercise every day? There are some good ideas on the PE pages of the website or you could join in with Joe Wicks every weekday morning at 9 o'clock.

What amazing children you are finding so many different signs of Spring!

Butterfly Garden Picture Diary

Just starting out. Small and wriggly.

Eating lots and getting bigger.

Hanging around!

Exciting stuff today. Cocoons! One caterpillar is still waiting to form a cocoon but three have done so over night and this morning. They seem to have shed their skin when forming if you can see at the top of the cocoon their is a skin clump. 

Chrysalises! One fell off so we have to put it on tissue near the side so when it morphs it can hang it’s wings by gravity to help them stretch out. It also pumps blood into the wings to help them stretch. I didn’t know but when they are a chrysalis they liquidise inside and reform as a butterfly. (I didn't know that either!)


Thank you for sending these wonderful pictures in. Can anyone imagine what the next pictures will show? Draw a picture for me.

This Weeks Theme is Families

Everyone's family is different and that is OK. Some families have children and some families don't. Some families all live together and some families don't. I would like you to find out more about your family this week.

  • First don't forget to take the next photo for your Garden Photo Diary.
  • Second try and collect as many different UK coins as you can this week because we will be looking at money again next week.
  • Who is in your family? How many adults and how many children? Can you draw a picture of your family in height order. Is the tallest person the oldest? My son is taller than me. Do you think he is he older than me?
  • Can you draw around everyone's hands. What is the same and what is different?
  • Are there members of your family that don't live with you? Make a family tree.
  • What do you like doing? Does everyone in your family like the same things or the same food? Find out and draw pictures or write sentences about each of your family and their favourite things.
  • Do you have family that live in a different country? Get an atlas or globe and find out where they are. What would you like to ask them? Think of some questions. Write them a letter or speak to them on the phone.
  • Listen to this song  from the Lion King. What is the message in this song? What does Simba try to teach his daughter? What would you say or sing to your family to let them know that you love them and support them?  
  • Watch this video clip from the Incredibles that shows the family working together and using all of their different talents. Each member of the The Incredibles family has a different strength. Sometimes that can make them feel a bit left out and different. There are times in the film when the daughter Violet does not feel very happy about being different because it makes her feel lonely. However, in this clip we see that when all the different members of a family work together and use all of their skills they can achieve something great. In our families we are all different. We have different skills and we are interested in different things. Think about what you are good at in your family. What are the other members of your family good at or interested in?
  • Although we are all different it means that we are even stronger when we work together because we are good at lots of things. Think of something that you can work with your family on. Maybe you could make a meal together, create a model, write a song, act out a play, tidy up and organise a room. Take a photo and send it to me.
  • Find out what a coat of arms is. Design a coat of arms for your family. You could make it into a flag or sheild.
  • Share the https://family.gonoodle.com/activities/milkshake movement and mindfulness video with
    their family. Who was the best? Which part did they enjoy? 
  • If you started a diary last week then carry on.

If you want to keep active and try some PE challenges then have a look in the 'Sports' section of the website. Click on the Classes tab at the top of your screen and then select 'Sports'. Each page has different activities and challenges.

Don't forget the websites that you already know about like: PurpleMash, Sumdog, Numbots, Wordshark, PhonicsPlay, TTRockstar. 

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