Dinosaurs Frozen in Time!
19 Sep 2019
Forest School Afternoon
NTodd and RHebblewhite
13 Sep 2019
Welcome Back, Class One!
RHebblewhite and NTodd
06 Sep 2019


Dinosaurs Frozen in Time!

RHebblewhite - 19 Sep 2019

This week, Class One began a new topic and had some interesting visitors! Five frozen dinosaurs arrived in our water tray on Tuesday afternoon. We couldn't see what the dinosaurs looked like through the blocks of ice and we talked about what we might find - George thought, "It's a T-Rex", Georgia said, "It's a Stegasaurus". We held the ice and talked about how it felt. We noticed that our hands were wet and we wondered why - Charlie noticed it was "melting because of your hands". Kit told us that hot things like lights can melt ice. We wanted to know how to get the dinosaurs out more quickly, so that we could play with them and we talked about how we could do this. William suggested putting the blocks under the hot tap. After we had  had fun playing with the ice, we  set our new dinosaur friends free!
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