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16 Mar 2020
Pilgrimage walk to Fountains Abbey
A Breckon
13 Mar 2020
World Book Day - Y5/6
A Breckon
06 Mar 2020
Ripon Grammar science
28 Feb 2020
The Selfish Giant visit and more.
A Breckon
13 Feb 2020
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Gymnastics competition
A Breckon
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War Horse
24 Jan 2020
Geography and the outdoors
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A Christmas Carol production
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Christmas rehearsals begin
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Children in need
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Gurdwara visit
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Author visit
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Canopic Jars clay sculpting
A Breckon
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Swimming gala and Pump Room visit
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Cycling, hieroglyphics and more
A Breckon
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Death mask designing
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13 Sep 2019
First day back
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Friday 22nd May

20 May 2020

Good morning class 4 laugh

Here's some rock paintings from Spencer; they're very neat and well painted. Good effort. I'd like a ladybird rock for my garden! 

 Now Richard couldn't stop and made loads! I love the hedgehog rock! 

Firstly, P.e, Mrs Acheson appealed to us to make an obstacle course and so over the week and for today's p.e perhaps you could figure one out and send it in. I am going to try one too and I'm much less agile then you wink
Here's the webpage where Mrs Acheson explains about it.


It's back to dividing and remainders again. I know we've done it fairly recently so it should be good practice to do some more. Remember the remainders you'll either have to decide whether to round up or down depending on the situation. Find page 4 in your packs. 

Group 1 try column B 
Group 2 try column c 


Thanks to those of you who managed to get your pocket clues into me. You can download them here and see if you can identify who owns the pocket from the contents.

  -Ten things in a pocket.docx-  

For your English today, Spencer gave me an idea. He told me about how he'd been on a litter pick in the lovely Hackfall woods. Now since lockdown has eased slightly, I've heard more and more stories about litter being left behind! That's such a shame and bad for the environment. What's worse is the  impact on the wildlife; little animals get stuck and injured and even eat the left over rubbish! 
Most of you will know I hate plastic and so your task is to design an anti-plastic poster which encourages people to avoid using unnecessary plastics, like straws and bottles and to opt for environmentally-friendly choices. You'll need some pictures which will make your design eye catching with an easy-to-read slogan (message) but it will need to contain some facts on there which you can use to educate. This website is good for finding facts to add to your poster.
Do your posters on A4 paper and use lots of colour and perhaps you could display it in your window! 

Here are some examples I've seen on the internet 
Slide Show 

And what would be amazing to hear is if you could go on a litter pick in your local area. Crisp packets have a habit of getting stuck in hedges and rubbish can get all over. You'd be doing your bit for the environment and perhaps saving a tiny mammal from ingesting some yucky plastic!

Reading plus 

Please do one reading plus (or two is below 80%) 

It's half term as from tomorrow so have a great week, enjoy the sunshine. 

I'll see you all (virtually) next week. 

Have fun 

Mr Breckon
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