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Friday 26th Feb

24 Feb 2021

Good morning Class 4 laugh

Here's the time table for today 

Teams call at 9:30am 

Marina Aquarium at 1pm

Collective Worship


Today I'd like you to locate Mali on your maps 

Dojo Challenge

Now come on, surely nobody will be able to identify this place! It's famous but maybe not as famous as other places. I have been to visit this place twice though. I'll be incredibly impressed if you're able to name this landmark and the country it's found within. 


Just find some time to read your book - If you're reading a book less than 5 then you really ought to have finished it by today. Here's the AR link

Afterwards listen to chapter 23 and 24 of the Nowhere Emporium 


Group one find page 3 in your packs - it's a maths on target sheet and says 'Perimeter 2' at top. You're doing column A and B.

Group 2 - It's page 5 in your packs and says 'Perimeter 2' as well; you're doing column B and C 


You'll have noticed that when reading newspapers, the language choice can be quite strong and sounds a little dramatic; that's because they're written to interest you in the event and keep you reading. They're trying to tell the story in the most engaging of ways, therefore the language is extreme and sometimes events are stretched. 

Do you remember the day I had break into our own classroom when the cleaners bolted the door from the inside?
The event actually appeared the local, urm, teacher-news, which only teachers have access to. Here was a screen shot of the event. I'll show you the report tomorrow. 

Click the link below this picture of me to begin today's lesson.


We're going to be refreshing our knowledge on using detailed maps. Ordinance survey maps are used to find your way around if you were on foot. You can clearly see the location you're in and the surroundings. 
You will remember that this last year we studied maps and were looking at how to give grid-references to locate places. Please watch this video to refresh your memory 

We'll discuss about this further in our teams call but you have an assignment to complete on which squares certain places are located. 

Marine Aquairium

Don't forget at 1pm there's a 20 minute-or-so workshop showing you the behind-the-scenes exhibits. This week's lesson is about looking after our seas and oceans 
Here's the link


Here's the link to the French lesson; thanks Mrs Hebblewhite

Collective worship

And here's the link to the collective worship page; that's a lot of links surprise

I hope you all have a great weekend; see you all on Monday for our LAST week of lockdown school - wahoo!

Mr Breckon 
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