Passport Control
21 Jan 2022
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21 Jan 2022
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Passport Control

21 Jan 2022

Passport Control
Will the weather be the same accross the world? We will be travelling around the world (pretending!) to find out more about the weather in different places, but first we all need a passport!

It was fun creating our own characters for new pages of the book 'Croc and Bird'. We had lots of funny ideas like: a flamingo and a dog, a monkey and a tiger, a lion and a bird and a frog and a cat.  

We have been looking at groups and how many things are in each group - including marshmallows on sticks! As they were in pairs we decide to count in 2s to see how many there were altogether. 

Setting goals

Mrs Lyall had a goal to be able to make a jam sandwich. We helped her to learn how to do it. How do you learn best? We decide that there were different ways including - listen to someone explaining, have a go yourself, watch a demonstration, listen to instructions and draw pictures. 





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