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Friday 22nd May

21 May 2020

Hi Class 3.

We have made it through to Friday again!! Woohooo!!

Today is the last day before the holidays so I thought we'd do something a bit different today, and I've put on some creative investigations for you to do. First though I'll get the last of our catch-up jobs explained and then we'll have a look at our special challenges. 

Slide Show 



Thank you very much to the people who have sent me their scores for the PE already, they are looking good! If anyone else would like to enter the PE competition just email your scores and I'll do the rest. yes (Check out yesterday's webpage if you want to see the info for the PE again).
If you want to enter then please email your scores by the end of today. 


Don't foget it is Friday (as if you could) , so please do your spelling test  - good luck!!

Obstacle courses. 

We were set an obstacle course challenge earlier and we had to make and then complete our courses. Thank you very much to those people who have sent a video in already. Mr B's class are doing their courses today so if you haven't done one yet there is still time to make and film it. I'll then send them to Mrs A (as always, if you just want to show me the video but don't want it to go on the website then let me know). 

Anything else...

In school the last day is usually when we make sure that everything is finished and done before the holidays, so if you want to complete any of the other things we have done then use today for that (it might be putting the finishing touches on your garden, painting your rocks - it is up to you).

And now for something completely different!

I said at the top of the page we would do some challenges today, and here they are! How you do them is up to you. You might want to spend a long time doing one really well, or you might want to have a go at them all over a couple of days. I've put a huge range up so choose the ones that most interest you, but also please make sure that your grown-ups are happy for you to do the ones you choose because some can be a bit messy (the challenges I mean, not the grown-ups , they are always clean I'm sure). 

This one involves water so please be careful. For this one you might need to think about how stable your boat is too and make sure it doesn't turn over and sink when you put the weight in. Aslo, a penny is not very heavy, I'm sure you can make a boat that holds more than that. wink

This is one of those challenges which sounds easy but gets tricky quick!
Please be very careful as sometimes the bridges can hold a lot of weight, and when they collapse the heavy weights fall to the floor and can land on your toes or damage your lovely floors 


This one would be really useful for me! I think I need to make myself a desk tidy today! 

This one is pretty straight foward. We do have a few Tottenham and Boro fans in the class though who might not recognise the yellow thing in the picture - it is called a trophy. cheeky

Before you say it yes I know it has been a while since Port Vale won a cup but we did win one once - here we are with the world famous Auto-Glass trophy which we have won more times than Barcelona and Real Madrid added together! (Ok, so Barcelona and Real Madrid have never taken part in the competition but I'll skip that bit).  


This one is one of my favourites. Please be careful though and watch out if the tower falls over! If you can and it is not windy it might be best to try this one outside away from any breakables! 

I hope you enjoy the challenges today. Please be very careful when you do them and check your plans with a grown-up to make sure they are safe and you won't use or do anything that would get you in trouble. Also, please remember to say a huge thank you to your grown-ups for helping you do your work and supporting you. 

Have a great day, 
Mr G

Quick note for grown-ups.

Thank you very much for all of the help and support you are giving the children with their work. It can be really tricky trying to fit everything in and juggle it around working from home too, but everything you do is very much appreciated. I hope you get chance to have a bit of a break next week and unwind too.
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