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Welcome to Home School

23 Mar 2020

Monday 23rd March 2020

Welcome to Home School! 

Morning work
Write the numbers 1 to 10 in numerals. Y1 use your whiteboard pen and the laminated number sheet. Y2 use the back of your hundred square. Are all your numbers correctly formed?
Challenge:  Write some of the numbers in words as well.  Use your dictionary to check if they are spelt correctly.
  1. One of you said you were going to make up a name for your home school. I thought this was a wonderful idea so I want you to think of a name for your home school (it could be Home School) and design a welcome poster in your pink Journal. Remember that posters should be bold and colourful. You could take a photo of your poster and ask an adult to email it to admin@gfschools.co.uk so that I could put it on the class page tomorrow.
  2. Find the laminated letters sheet. Follow the arrows to write the letter ‘h’ in joined up. Y1 practice the letter ‘h’ on the first page of your handwriting book. Y2 complete the whole of the first page of your handwriting book – 'Joining to caterpillar letter g'.  
 Maths Year 1  
  1. Use your bricks to make a tower of 5. Break it into 2 parts. My friend said she could break 5 into 1 and 4. Is that true? How many other ways can you find to break up 5? Write them all down in your Journal. You could write them as number sentences __ + __ = 5 or 5 = __ + __ or part-whole diagrams (or both!).
  2. Complete page 1 of your Maths booklet. Watch out, some of the questions are about making 4 and some are about making 5.
Maths Year 2  
  1. Use multibase to show 6. Count on in 10s making each number with multibase. Write the number sequence in your pink Journal  6, 16, 26……….. Talk about what you are doing.
  2. Do it again starting with 8.
  3. The children in the book said that counting in 10s could help you add 11. How?  Challenge: write an explanation in your Journal.
  4. Complete page 1 of your Maths booklet.
Challenge: a) Count on or back in 10s from a 2 digit number.
                 b) Count on or back in 10s from a number more than 100
Log onto WordShark and practice spelling for 15 mins. Your username and password are in your blue Home School book.
Read a few pages from your school reading book then quiet reading for 20 mins. You could carry on reading your school book or any book you have at home. Where is your favourite place to read? Is it inside or outside? If you email a photo of you reading in your favourite place I can put it on our class page.

Start a garden ‘photo’ diary. You will be taking a photograph of the exact same place in your garden every week. Choose your place in the garden and take a photo.
Challenge: What do you think will change? Why? Write some sentences in your Home School book.
Don’t forget to finish your homework and use all your sense to spot signs of spring.

Esme has found some signs of spring.
Can you guess what they are?

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