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Wednesday 25th March

24 Mar 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Morning work

Copy the questions into your Journal and complete.


  1. Say the alphabet or sing the alphabet song.
  2. Complete the first page of your Punctuation and Grammar booklet (Y1 says pg8, Y2 says pg4) 
  3. Year 1s -  How many capital letters can you write without looking at the booklet? Remember to use the names of the letters when you are talking about them not the sounds that they make.

 Maths Year 1  
  1. Use a set of playing cards. How quickly can you match the pairs of cards that make 10? You can use your bricks to help.
  2. Complete page 3 of your Maths booklet. 'Making 10'. 
Challenge: Find sets of three playing cards that make 10. 

Maths Year 2  
  1. Use a set of playing cards. How quickly can you match all the number cards into pairs that make 10?
  2. My friend said that if you know 6+4=10 then there are three other number facts that you know. What did she mean?
  3. Oh yes! The family of addition and subtraction facts: 4+6=10, 10-6=4, 10-4=6.
  4. Write the short date in your Journal then choose your challenge: 
  5. Pick 3 facts and write the whole family of facts in your Journal. (Remember there will be 2 addition and 2 subtraction facts for each one).
  6. Complete page 3 of your Maths booklet. 'Subtract using bonds'.
a) If you know 4+6=10 how can that help you with 40+60   ? Pick another number bond to 10 and think about how it can help you work out a number bond to 100.
b) Can you write the whole family of facts for your number bonds to 100?

Y2 log onto WordShark. I have set you some words to practice so today you need to click on the 'My Set Work' tab at the top. Practice spelling for 15 mins. 

Y1 log onto Phonics play (on a computer). From the menu on the left click on phase 5. Scroll down the page until you find . Keep scrolling down and click on 'Investigating alternative spellings for /oa/.  Play 'Word Sort'. What do you think the best bet will be?

If you are using a tablet and can't get onto the game then email school for help.


Use your whiteboard pen and go over the robot letter k on your laminated letter formation sheet. Watch out - you only go back up half way before going round. Y1 find all the 'k's on the first page of your handwriting book and complete. Y2 complete page 5 of your handwriting book 'More joining to a'.
Don't forget thoses froggy fingers.

Y1 read a few pages of your school book then quiet reading. Y2 read 'British garden birds' in your Comprehension booklet and complete the questions.

Some favourite place to read.



Continue to find out about animals that migrate and animals that hibernate. Write notes on scrap paper for Friday.
Do you ever get birds in your garden that have migrated? Sit really still and look out of your window. What birds do you see? Can you name any of them? Y2 can you see any of the birds that you were learning about in your comprehension? (Blackbird, Blue tit, House sparrow, Chafinch, Robin). What is the same or different about the birds? What are they doing?
Have a go at these games from the RSPB. (Can you find the migration games?)
Listen to these stories from the RSPB.

Keep sending me signs of spring!
Mussels found in a pond in a field. One came out of its shell! They were put them back after the photo.

The frogs laid their eggs in some flood water. The frog spawn will be put into a big plastic box so they've got plenty of room to wriggle!

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