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18 Sep 2020
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Monday 18th May

15 May 2020

Monday 18th May 2020

  Good morning Home School! 


Wake up and shake up! Click on the link below to choose an activity to start the day. Do a morning routine with Joe Wicks, find a fun activity on GoNoodle or try something new like yoga.

Morning work

Use your purple pen to mark your work from Friday.

Get your journals and copy and complete as many questions as you can. Think about quick ways to work out the answers. You might need to use a different method for each question. Is there a number bond that you know that could help? Would breaking the numbers up into tens and ones help?


Black  - questions for everyone

Blue - Y2


We have had caterpillar letters, robot letters, ladder letters and curly letters. I wonder what type of letter we will be practicing today.

Y1 practice the letter 'v' on the page that says 'Zigzag letters' in your Handwriting 2 booklet. We have nearly learnt how to form all the joined up letters so you could try writing your name in joined up. Remember that you don't join capital letters.

Y2 Go over the letter ‘v’ on your letter formation sheet. Then finish the page headed ‘Joining to ch’. Now have a go at writing the word ‘chive’ which is the only word I could think of that has ‘ch’ and ‘v’ in it! Can you find any others? 

Y1 and Y2 - Listen to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Think about how the music is changing the way that you feel. https://safeYouTube.net/w/7JIE

What was the same or different about that version of the story and the version we read last week? 

Year 1
In your Punctuation and Grammar booklet fine the page headed ‘Finishing Sentences’ . There is a picture from the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’
Choose your activity and write your sentences in your Home School book:
  1. Write 5 sentences about the picture. Tell me what you can see in the picture.
  2. Write 5 or more sentences to retell the story. You can choose today’s story or the one from last week.
Now get your highlighter pen and highlight all the capital letters and full stops that you have used. How many should there be if you have written 5 sentences?

Year 2
Use your purple pen to mark your work from Friday. Did you remember to include a verb?

Look at pge 33 of your Punctuation and Grammar booklet. There are 4 pictures. The first picture is a girl with scruffy hair.
Start with the word ‘What’ and think of an exclamation sentence for each picture. Write the exclamation sentences in your Home School book. Get your highlighter pen and highlight all the capital letters and exclamation marks that you have used.
Send me a picture of your work.

Optional challenge, draw your own picture and write an exclamation sentence.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about time and talking about minutes and hours but I was wandering:
How long is a minute?
How long is an hour?
Would singing a song take a minute or an hour?
My friend mentioned that you can also measure time in seconds. How long is a second? Which is longer an hour, a second or a minute?

What do these different measures of time feel like?
I want you to do an investigation and find out what you can do in one second, one minute and one hour.

My friend said it took her 1 second to clap 3 times. You try.
It took her 1 minute to sing twinkle twinkle. You try.
It took her 1 hour to go on a long walk.
1 hour is the same as 60 minutes. Can you think of something that you do that takes 1 hour?
How long will it take to do the activities below? Will it be seconds, minutes or hours? Write or draw a picture for each activity in your Journal. Every time you do one of the activites today then time yourself and write down how long it took.

1) Walk accross the room.
2) Read 3 pages of my book
3) Play one game on Sumdog. (I have set a 'time challenge' task for you to do)
4) Eat lunch
5) Watch a program on the TV
6) Go for a walk
7) Play outside
8) Sleep

Maths Super Challenge


Copy this weeks spellings onto your spelling sheet so that you can practice them each day. Y2 from now on you will be making your own spelling list. Choose 10 or 12 words from your green word mat that you need to practice. If you are not sure which ones to choose then ask someone to test you.




Y1 & Y2 Read a few pages from your school book. Then quiet reading for 20 mins - you can carry on reading your school book, or choose a book you have at home. Think about a quiet place you could go to read. Maybe outside?


Take another photo of the exact same place in your garden for your photo diary. 

Click on the link to find out about coastal habitats. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zx882hv/articles/zy38wmn
We have looked at 3 habitats so far:
Pond, woodland and coastal. We will be looking at one more tomorrow.
For the rest of this week I would like you to think about all of these different habitats. Do you live near any of these? Have you visited any? What did you see living there?
You could:
1) make or draw each of the different habbitats with all the different plants and animals that are found there.
2) write a report.
3) paint a picture
4) create your own habitat outside
5) make a model using lego, junk or other construction equipment
6) investigate why different animals and plants live in different habbitats

Can you guess what this habitat is? 

Other Things
What else are you doing at Home School?



What a cool junk model boat!
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