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Wednesday 1st April

31 Mar 2020

Wednesday 1st Arpil 2020

  Good morning Home School!

We are going to be looking at money on Thursday so it would be great if you could find as many different UK coins as you can before Thursday.

Morning work

Get your journals and mark your morning work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area of the website. Use a pen or a coloured pencil.

Y1 Roll your Question Dice . Ask a question that begins with that word. Write the question in your Home School book. Get your highlighter pen. Read your question and highlight a capital letter and a question mark. Did you find any?
Y2 What day is it today? Write the correct word in joined up on the back of your number line. Use your dictionary to check that it is spelt correctly.

Lizzie noticed that Bernard Young plays a guitar and uses rhyming words. Here are the things that Lizzie likes:

I like bike rides and I like a long walk.
I like colouring in with my bright red chalk.
I like Summer and I like Spring.
I like sunshine it makes my heart sing.
I like my sister and I like my brother
but only when we are kind to each other.

Can you spot the words that rhyme?

What a lot of detail you have on your climbing picture Megan!

Today we are going to look at another Bernard Young poem. Listen to the poem The Wizard's Dog.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video of Bernard Young saying this poem so I am reading it instead. What is different about the way I have performed his poem and the way he performs his poems?

Y1 – What would the Wizard’s dog eat? Maybe stardust, moonbeams or chopped wands. Draw a picture in your Journal for the front of his Dog Food box. You could add some labels so that I know what everything is.

Y2 - Get your Comprehension booklet and find poem 'The wizard's dog'. Read it again and answer the questions. Use your highlighter pen to find the answers or clues in the poem.

 Maths Year 1  

Get your maths booklet and mark your work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.

Make 10 with your bricks. Use one colour.

What will happen if you get one more brick? How many bricks will you have now? There are 10 bricks and another 1 brick.
1) 10 and 1 makes 11.
2) 10 + 1 = 11       10 add 1 equals 11.
3) 11 = 10 + 1      11 is the same as 10 add 1

How many bricks will you have altogether if you have a tower of 10 and 2 more?
1) 10 and 2 makes ?
2) 10 + 2 = ?
3) ? = 10 + 2           
What number should you say for '?' Can you say all the sentences with the correct number (12)

Can you make all the numbers 11 then 12, then 13 all the way to 20? For each number can you say all 3 sentences?
How many do you need to add to 10 to make 18?

Complete page 8 of your Maths booklet. 'Teen numbers'. You could use your number line and your bricks to help.

Log onto Sumdog and practice your mental maths.

Maths Year 2  
  1. Get your maths booklet and Journal to mark your work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.
  2. Sing along with the 2 times table song.
  3.  __ x 2 = 8  How many 2s are there in 8? How can we find out?

Which method would you use to work out  __ x 2 = 16?  Have a go.

Can you use the methods to work out __ x 5 = 20? Yes but now we need make groups of 5 or count in 5s.

Complete page 8 of your maths booklet '5s and 2s'. 
Log onto TTRockstar and practice your times tables. The login details are in your Home School book if the link does not work.
Maths Super Challenge

Y1 & Y2 log onto Phonicsplay (on a computer).
Y2 play any phase 6 game.
Y1 From the menu on the left click on phase 5. Scroll down the page until you find . Keep scrolling down and click on 'Investigating alternative spellings for /oo/.  Play 'Word Sort'. What do you think the best bet will be?

If you are using a tablet then you need to click go to https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/.
Click on Log In at the top right. The username is march20 and the password is home. 
Now click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top left. Click on the + at the right of Resources. Click on phase 5 (Y1) and play the games mentioned above.

Y1 and Y2 log onto WordShark. I have set some words for you to practice this week. Make sure you  click on the 'My Set Work' tab at the top of the screen. Practice spelling for 5 mins. 


Use your whiteboard pen and go over the caterpillar letters c, a, d, g, o and q on your laminated letter formation sheet. Remember that they all start by making a 'c' for caterpillar. Start on the line, up to the middle, hook over (Hi Mr Caterpillar), now go back round.

Y1 Complete Pencil control sheet 7 or 8. You can colour also colour in the pictures. Keep checking your pencil grip. Don't go outside the lines when you are colouring in. 
Y2 Complete the page called 'Diagonal join to tall letters 2'.


Y1 In your Comprehension booklet find and the poem 'Firework night'. Read the poem then answer the questions.
Y2 Read a few pages from your school book. Then quiet reading - you can carry on reading your school book, or choose a book you have at home or log onto PurpleMash and continue reading the Serial Mash book that you started at school.

Favourite places to read. It can be fun to read to your brother or sister.


For the rest of the week I would like you to see what else can you find out about Easter. Why do Christians celebrate Easter? What is Good Friday and Easter Sunday? What is the significance of hot cross buns and Easter eggs? Are there any other special foods that are linked to Easter? Are there any special songs? You could look in books at home, try this link or search on the internet using www.researchify.co.uk.

Other Things
What else are you doing at Home School?

Lots of great information about hedgehogs hibernating. You have even made a hedgehog out of leaves to with your writing!


Keep sending me signs of spring!

Tiny pink buds on this Japanese Quince.

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