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Home School Thursday 26th March

25 Mar 2020

Thursday 26th March 2020

  Good morning Home School!

Morning work

What question would you like to ask about this picture? Use a whiteboard pen and write a question on the back of one of the laminated sheets or your number line. 

1) Do you have a capital letter at the beginning?
2) Do you have a question mark (?) at the end.
3) Y2 - Is your writing in beautiful neat joined up writing? 

  1. Get your Comprehension booklet and your Punctuation and Grammar booklet and mark your work from Monday and Tuesday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.
  2. Watch the videos below. 

  4. Write one or more sentences in your blue Home Learning book about the most interesting thing you can remember from the video. Remember to put the short date in your book before you start writing.

 Maths Year 1  
  1. Get your maths booklet and mark your work from Monday and Tuesday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.
  2. Use a set of dominoes. Can you find all the dominoes that show doubles. Turn all the doubles over so that you can't see the spots. Play a game with someone. Turn over a domino. The first person to say the total of the spots gets the domino. 
  3. Complete page 4 of your Maths booklet. 'Doubles to double 5'. 
Challenge: Use cubes to double numbers up to 10. You could write the number sentences in your Journal.

Maths Year 2  
  1. Get your maths booklet and mark your work from Monday and Tuesday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.
  2. Count in tens to 100. Remember that these numbers 10, 20, 30 .... are called multiples of 10.
  3. Make 42 with your multibase. Find 42 on your green number line and put a circle round it. What is the next multiple of 10? (50) Put a circle around 50. How many more bricks do you need to make 50?
  4. My friend said that if you know 2+8=10 then you already know how many more bricks you will need to make 50. Why is she trying to make 10? 

Use your number line or multibase to find the next multiple of 10. Copy and complete the questions below into your Journal. The first one has been done for you.

Use your number bonds to 10 to help you with next set of questions. Remember to use your number line. Challenge - don't count on. Think about your number bonds to 10.

Complete page 4 of your maths booklet 'Add to reach the next 10'.

Log onto Phonicsplay (on a computer).
Y1 click on phase 5 and play Buried Treasure. Choose Phase 5 then Revise all of phase 5.
Y2 click on phase 6 and play Pond Life.

If you are using a tablet then you need to click go to
Click on Log In at the top right. The username is march20 and the password is home. 
Now click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top left. Click on the + at the right of Resources. Click on phase 5 (Y1) or phase 6 (Y2) and play the games mentioned above.

Y1 and Y2 log onto WordShark. I have set some words for you to practice so today you need to click on the 'My Set Work' tab at the top. Practice spelling for 5 mins. 


Use your whiteboard pen and go over the robot letters n, m, r, p, h, b and k. Watch out - you only go back up half way before going round for h, b and k. 
Y1 Finish off the first page of your handwriting book and go onto 'Pencil control 7'. You can colour in the animals. Remember to use froggy fingers and colour in very carefully.
Y2 Make up sentences using words from the pages that you have completed in your handwriting book. Write 2 of the sentences in your blue Home School book. You can then do any of the pencil control sheets up to page 4.


Y2 quiet reading for 20 mins. You could read your school book or any book from home.
Y1 read 'Car trouble' in your Comprehension booklet and complete the questions.

Some favourite place to read.



Log onto PurpleMash. Click on Tools then scroll down to Music and Sound . Choose any of the activites and explore the sounds. Remember that you can save your work by clicking on the menu button on the top right of the screen  then select save .

Other Things
What else are you doing at Home School?
Can you guess how the white pattern in the middle of the rainbow picture was made? Have a go!


Keep sending me signs of spring!
A fruit tree which is budding, when the tree blossoms it will grow cherries!


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