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Thursday 2nd April

01 Apr 2020

Thursday 2nd Arpil 2020

  Good morning Home School!

Morning work

Get your journals and mark your morning work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area of the website. Use a pen or a coloured pencil.

Y2 What day is it today? Write the correct word in joined up on the back of your number line. Use your dictionary to check that it is spelt correctly.

Y2 get your comprehension booklet and mark your work from yesterday.
Yesterday you listened to a poem about the Wizard's dog. Today I would like you to think about ideas for 'The Witch’s cat'.
How do cats behave? What do the like? What don’t they like? Ask your family for ideas. My cat used to hate getting wet. He always jumped on my lap when I was sat down. He loved playing with string.

In your Journal write 3 headings at the top of a page – behave, like, not like
Under each heading draw or write (or both) as many ideas about cats as you can. I have started mine below.

Remember these are notes not sentences. We will be using these notes tomorrow to write our sentences.

 Maths Year 1  

Get your maths booklet and mark your work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.

Can you find any real coins at home? The coins we have in the UK are

Today we are going to look at the coins up to 10p. If you can find real coins for 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p then I would like you do do a rubbing of each coin in your Journal. Put the coin under the piece of paper then gently colour over the top so that the pattern comes through. Is the pattern on both sides of the coin the same? 

The 1p coin is worth 1 penny. The 2p coin is worth 2 pence. My friend said that 2p is the same as getting two 1p coins. How can that be? 

I have 5p in my purse. What coins could I have? In your journals can you draw my purse and the coins I could have in it that would make 5p. Is there another way? Draw another purse to show me. Can you find all the ways?

Log onto Numbots and practice your mental maths.

Maths Year 2  
Get your maths booklet and Journal to mark your work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.

I have 10p in my purse. What coins could I have? In your Journal draw a purse then draw or write the coins I could have in it that would make 10p. Is there another way? Can you find all the different combinations of coins that I could have in my purse that would make 10p? You can record your answers by drawing my purse each time or writing an addition equation. Remember that I can only have real UK coins. If you have found any UK coins at home then you can use them to help.

Complete page 9 of your maths booklet 'Adding coins'. 
Log onto TTRockstar and practice your times tables. The login details are in your Home School book if the link does not work.
Maths Super Challenge

Y1 Get your sound cards and find all the cards that make the /oo/ or /yoo/ sound. How many did you find? Can you remember which is the best bet? Log onto Phonicsplay and from the menu on the left click on phase 5. Scroll down the page until you find . Keep scrolling down and click on 'Investigating alternative spellings for /oo/.  and click on 'Best Bet' to find out if you are right.
1 & Y2 log onto Phonicsplay or https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/
Y2 play any phase 6 game.
Y1 play Picnic on Pluto and practice 'u_e'.

Y1 and Y2 log onto WordShark. Keep practicing the words I have set by clicking on the 'My Set Work' tab at the top of the screen. Practice spelling for 5 mins. 


Can you remember how to correctly form your CAPITAL LETTERS? Use your whiteboard pen and go over the CAPITAL  letters P, T, R, A, B, M, F, K on your laminated letter formation sheet. Remember that capital letters always start at the top and you do not join them.

Y1 Get your Punctuation and Grammar booklet and complete the next page 'First Names'. Remember that names are proper nouns so they always start with a capital letter. The children in the book have written their names but it looks like they have forgotten something. Can yo help them and write their names correctly?
Y2 Get your Puncutaion and Grammar booklet and complete the next page (says p5 at the bottom). The children in the book have got their sentences all muddled up. Can you sort them out and write them again on the lines. Remember your froggy fingers and make sure that all the tails on letters go down below the line. 

Y2 when you have finished then get your highlighter pen and highlight all the capital letters that you have written. Also highlight all the letters with tails. How many did you fine?  


Y1 get your comprehension booklet and mark your Firework poem answers from yesterday.

Y1 & Y2 Read a few pages from your school book. Then quiet reading - you can carry on reading your school book, or choose a book you have at home or log onto PurpleMash and continue reading the Serial Mash book that you started at school.

Favourite places to read. It can be fun to read to your brother or sister.


For the rest of the week I would like you to see what else can you find out about Easter. Why do Christians celebrate Easter? What is Good Friday and Easter Sunday? What is the significance of hot cross buns and Easter eggs? Are there any other special foods that are linked to Easter? Are there any special songs? You could look in books at home, try this link or search on the internet using www.researchify.co.uk.

Other Things
What else are you doing at Home School?

What great ideas you had for the Wizard's dog food!

Picking wild garlic to use in his pasta dish.

Planting seeds.

More planting seeds. That looks like a lot of seeds!

Keep sending me signs of spring!

Enjoying spring in the garden next to the new flowers and buds appearing.

What a cosy spot you have found!

Finding signs of spring up a tree!

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