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Tuesday 21st April

20 Apr 2020

Tuesday 21st April 2020

  Good morning Home School! I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter.

Morning work

Use your purple pens to mark your work from yesterday. The answers are in the homework section of the website.

Get your journals and copy and complete as many questions as you can. Think about quick ways to work out the answers. You might need to use a different method for each question. Is there a number bond that you know that could help?


Black  - questions for everyone

Blue - Y2


Today we are going to be practicing another caterpillar letter. Can you remember which letters are caterpillar letters? Watch the video below to find out.

Y1 practice the letter 'a' on the first page of your Handwriting Extra booklet.

Y2 practice the joining 'at' on the first page of Handwriting 5. Have a go at all the words that have 'at' in them.

Yesterday you watched a video about tractors. Zara said the tractors that I have been hearing might be spreading slurry to make the grass grow. What do you think farmers used to plough the fields and spread slurry before tractors were invented? Click here to find out.

Which way of ploughing the fields is easier, using horses or a tractor? Which do you think means more work for the farmer, using horses or a tractor? Why?

Y1 read and answer the questions to 'Hello Jenny' in your Comprehension booklet.

Y2 read and answer the quesitons to 'I love my darling tractor' in your Comprehension booklet



Use your purple pens to carefully and neatly mark your work from yesterday.


Year 1 

Carefully cut out these cards from your new pack and match them.
How many cards go together? Is it 2 or 3?

Stick the cards into your pink journals in their groups.

Find and complete the first sheet in your Money Practice booklet. Can you work out how much money there is in each piggy bank?

Remember that a quicker way to write 2 pence is 2p.

Year 2 
Play the sorting game at You will need your new username and password for MyMaths that was sent by email yesterday. Watch the video to find out how to log on and find the game.

I hope you could remember all the coins!
The children in the book have been saving money. Watch the video to find out more.

Can you remember the different notes that they had saved? There were 4 different types of notes. Say the names of the notes. Did you get them all? If not watch the second half of the video again.

Maths Super Challenge

Y1 log onto Phonicsplay or
Y1 play any phase 5 game.

Y2 Your words this week look different. Go to to find out more about appostrophes and contractions.

Y1 and Y2 log onto WordShark. I have set this weeks spellings so you need click on the 'My Set Work' tab at the top of the screen. Practice spelling for 10 mins. 



Y1 & Y2 Read a few pages from your school book. Then quiet reading for 20 mins - you can carry on reading your school book, or choose a book you have at home. Think about a quiet place you could go to read. Maybe outside?


We have a new music website called Charanga that you can log into. There is music to listen to, activities to do and games to play.

Click on this link 
Now click on Login    then Charanga Yumu  .

Your username is the same as your PurpleMash username but you need to add '1' at the end so if my username was kayh for PurpleMash then it is kayh1 for Charanga Yumu.
Your password is the your PurpleMash password but the word music before. So if my password for PurpleMash is 45 then my password for Charanga Yumu is music45.

Click on Assignments then Zootime – Step 1
On the right hand side you will see 4 activities that you will be doing each day this week. Today click on the second activity ‘Games Track – Zootime’
Start with 'Bronze Challenge'. Can you find and move to the pulse (the heart beat of the music). Click on ‘Move to the Pulse’ and try and copy the characters as they change movements to the pulse.  If you change the ‘Pulse per move’ you can make it harder and easier. Can the rest of your family do it?

If you get really good you could try the 'Silver Challenge' then the 'Gold Challenge'.


Look around your house or farm. I wonder how things have changed over the years. What did people do before we had televisions, computers, phones, washing machines, cars, electric or gas cookers? What can you find out?

Other Things
What else are you doing at Home School?

I can see your capital letters, full stop and a question mark.

 Working hard on the farm.

Those lambs look very cute but I bet they need a lot of looking after.


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