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Monday 20th April

19 Apr 2020

Monday 20th April 2020

  Good morning Home School! I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter.

Morning work

Get your journals and copy and complete as many questions as you can. Think about quick ways to work out the answers. You might need to use a different method for each question. Is there a number bond that you know that could help?


Black  - questions for everyone

Blue - Y2


Is the letter c a caterpillar letter, a robot letter or a ladder letter? Watch the video below to find out.

Y1 practice the letter 'c' on the first page of your Handwriting Extra booklet.

Y2 practice the joining the letter 'c' on the first page of Handwriting 5. You only need to complete the lines that have the letter 'c' in.

1)  Now click here to watch a video about tractors. There have been lots of tractors going up and down the lane next to my house. I wonder what they have been doing?

2)  Which was your favourite tractor? Why do farmers need tractors?

3)  Write a sentence about your favourite tractor from the video, or write a question about tractors that you would like to find out. (Send me a photo of your question and I might be able to help find the answer.) Write in your blue home school book and don't forget that all sentences start with a capital letter and end with a full stop (or a question mark).

4)  Get your highlighter pen and highlight any capital letters, full stops or question marks that you have used.

You could draw a picture to go with your sentence if you want.



If you have collected any UK money then get it now and see how many different ways you can sort the coins. My friend sorted them by colour. Is there a different way?

Are all the coins the same size and shape? Try sorting the coins by shape then by size.

Below is a picture of each coin with the amount of money it is worth next to it. (These are the old coins so you will need to be extra clever and match them to the new coins at home.)



Mix all the coins up. Close your eyes and pick one up. Can you tell which coin it is without looking? Play a game with your family. Put the coins in a bag or bowl. Each person gets a turn at picking a coin without looking at it and saying which coin it is. If they get it right they keep the coin, if they get it wrong they put the coin back in the bag/bowl. Who collected the most coins?

Other countries use different coins. In France, Spain and other countries in Europe they use euros. In America they have dollars and cents.

Year 1 
Can you spot the coins that we use in the UK? Can you remember what amount each coin is worth? Get your Maths No Problem book and the pages today are:

Year 2 
When we write amounts of money we don't normally write words. 

2 pence    = 2p
50 pence  = 50p

For pounds we use the symbol '£' so

1 pound  = £1
2 pounds = £2

Carefully cut out these cards from your new pack and match them.
How many cards go together? Is it 2 or 3?

Stick the cards into your pink journals in their groups.

Get your Maths No Problem books and complete page 21.

Maths Super Challenge

Y1 & Y2 log onto Phonicsplay or
Y2 play any phase 5 or 6 game.
Y1 play any phase 5 game.

Copy this weeks spellings onto your spelling sheet so that you can practice them each day.



Y1 & Y2 Read a few pages from your school book. Then quiet reading for 20 mins - you can carry on reading your school book, or choose a book you have at home. Think about a quiet place you could go to read. Maybe outside?


We have a new music website called Charanga that you can log into. There is music to listen to, activities to do and games to play.

Click on this link 
Now click on Login    then Charanga Yumu  .

Your username is the same as your PurpleMash username but you need to add '1' at the end so if my username was kayh for PurpleMash then it is kayh1 for Charanga Yumu.
Your password is the your PurpleMash password but the word music before. So if my password for PurpleMash is 45 then my password for Charanga Yumu is music45.

Click on Assignments then Zootime – Step 1
On the right hand side you will see 4 activities that you will be doing each day this week. Today click on the first activity ‘Listen and Appraise – Zootime’
Stand up and move to the music.
Do you like the song? What can you hear? Is there anyone singing? Are there any instruments? Is it fast, slow or inbetween?  Does it sound like anything else you have listened to? How is the song put together – does it have sections where only instruments are playing?
You could click on ‘About the song’ to find out what style it is.


Look around your house or farm. I wonder how things have changed over the years. What did people do before we had televisions, computers, phones, washing machines, cars, electric or gas cookers? What can you find out?

Other Things
What else are you doing at Home School?

Last night I camped out in the garden in a tent. When it was dark I climbed out the tent to do some stargazing, then in the morning I listened to the birds singing. This morning I wrote a story whilst sitting in my tent.

What super sentences you have written for your diary!


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