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Tuesday 31st March

30 Mar 2020

Tuesday 31st March 2020

  Good morning Home School!

Morning work

Get your journals and mark your morning work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area of the website. Use a pen or a coloured pencil.

Y1 Carefully cut out and make your Question Dice . Roll the dice and think of a question starting with that word. Play with someone else in your family.
Y2 What day is it today? Write the correct word in joined up on the back of your number line. Use your dictionary to check that it is spelt correctly.

Listen to the poem I Like What I Like by Bernard Young. 
What do you notice about the way he performs his poems? I think he is playing an instrument? What is it?

What things to do you like? I have started a list of things I like:

I like snakes and dogs and cats.
I like funny pictures of animals in hats.
I like church bells when they are ringing.
I like joining in with everyone singing.
Write a list of things you like in your Home School book.
The title could be ‘I Like What I Like’.
Remember to write the short date and underline your title and date with a ruler.

Optional: Draw a picture of one or more of things that you like. Send me a photo of your list or pictures.

 Maths Year 1  
  1. Get your maths booklet and mark your work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.
  2. Log onto Sumdog and practice ordering numbers to 20. I have set a challenge so click on Maths Challenge.

Complete page 7 of your Maths booklet. 'Ordering numbers to 20'. You could use your number line and your bricks to help.

Maths Year 2  
  1. Get your maths booklet and Journal to mark your work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.
  2. Make 10 with your multibase. Now double it. What did you have to do? (Get out another 10). So double 10 means 10+10.
  3. Make 11 with your multibase. Now double it. My friend said she looked at the tens and ones to help. What did she mean?
  4. Make all the doubles to double 15 using multibase. What happened when you doubled 15?
  5. Copy and complete these questions in your Journal.

Complete page 7 of your maths booklet 'Doubling and halving'. 
Challenge: Can you double the numbers from 16 to 20?

Log onto Sumdog and practice your mental maths. Your username and password are in your blue Home School book.
Maths Super Challenge

Y1 log onto Phonicsplay (on a computer).
From the menu on the left click on phase 5. Scroll down the page until you find . Keep scrolling down and click on 'Investigating alternative spellings for /oo/.  Play 'Phoneme spotter'. Did you spot all the different ways that the sound /oo/ or /yoo/ can be spelt? Can you find any in a book at home?

If you are using a tablet then you need to click go to https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/.
Click on Log In at the top right. The username is march20 and the password is home. 
Now click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top left. Click on the + at the right of Resources. Click on phase 5 (Y1) and play the games mentioned above.

Y2 click here  to play a different game about adding 's' and 'es' to verbs.

Y1 and Y2 log onto WordShark. I have set some words for you to practice this week. Make sure you  click on the 'My Set Work' tab at the top of the screen. Practice spelling for 5 mins. 


Use your whiteboard pen and go over the caterpillar letters c, a, d, g, o and q on your laminated letter formation sheet. Remember that they all start by making a 'c' for caterpillar. Start on the line, up to the middle, hook over (Hi Mr Caterpillar), now go back round.

Y1 Practice all the letters at the bottom of the third page of your handwriting book - 'Curly letters'.
Y2 Finish any pages up to 'Diagonal join to tall letters 1' and do any pencil control sheets. Keep checking your pencil grip.


Y1 & Y2 Read a few pages from your school book. Then quiet reading - you can carry on reading your school book, or choose a book you have at home or log onto PurpleMash and continue reading the Serial Mash book that you started at school.


Hand, knees and feet coordination challenge! Watch the video below. Have a go at as many levels as you can. Which level do you need more practice with? Can you put some of the activities together to make a fun sequence?

Other Things
What else are you doing at Home School?

Lots of great information about bears hibernating.

Esme making bread. Mmmmmmmm!


Keep sending me signs of spring!

Tiny pink buds on this Japanese Quince.

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