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Class 2 - Thursday 2nd July

01 Jul 2020

               animation boat GIF by eyedesyn                                ship mar GIF by Maria Jose Guzman                     

We're starting with some exercise this morning.  Let's get warmed up with GoNoodle! Click the picture to start
Good Morning Travellers!  How are your journeys going?!
xcellent information and story writing, yesterday. 
You've been busy finding out about lots of different forms of transport. 
We've also had people travelling all over the place, again... even to other planets

I'm looking forward to sharing some brilliant work in this week's gallery.                                                                 

Today, we're going to be thinking about 
Emergency Vehicles

Here are today's activities.  You can do them in any order and you don't have to do them all if you don't have enough time, but please work hard on the activities that you choose to do.

Please join 
Miss Vetch for today's Collective Worship by going to the Class 3 page or the New Articles Page.


Try to spend at least twenty minutes reading. This can be reading a book aloud or sharing a book with an adult. 

Today, your reading task is to read to find information about emergency vehicles                                                                  Draw pictures of vehicles used in an emergency.
What colours are they? Do they have any writing on the vehicles?
What do you notice about the writing on the vehicle?

WritingEmergency Vehicles
Can you write facts and draw pictures about each of the emergency vehicles?

You might like to make a model of one of the vehicles:  -T-T-19368-People-Who-Help-Us-Paper-Model-Pack.pdf-  

Phonics and Spelling:
Spelling Test 

Ask an adult to test you on the words from last weeks lists:
Year 1:   -  ph sounds like 'f' and wh sounds like 'w'  -ph and wh.doc-  
Year 2: -    The ten common exception words that you chose last week-
Year 2 common exceptionwords.pdf- 

This will be the final test for the term!

We have now completed our weekly spelling lists.   Please try to continue learning any common exception words that you don't know yet.  Keep checking your list to see which ones you can read .
Year 1 - Here's your list to work on:  -Year 1 common exception words.pdf-  

Year 1 and Year 2
Measuring Temperature    (You might have  a thermometer at your house or you can download a thermometer free on most phones)

Today, we are going to be thinking about measuring temperature.
First, watch this video clip:

See if you can measure the temperature in different places in your home using a thermometer.                              
You might also like to measure the temperature of some different places outside.                                            
Which room is the hottest/coldest? Discuss why this might be?
Repeat the activity at a different time of the day, has the temperature changed? Why?  

 Maths Challenges:  
Also, for those of you who would like to do a maths challenge.  Have a go at these questions:

Answers to yesterday's challenge:



We started with some GoNoodle exercise this morning.  You might also want to do something else later on. 
You might like to do one of the activities below, or maybe go for a walk, run or do some cycling.

Y1 Handwriting 
Another letter that goes under the line. Can you guess what it might be?  

Complete the first 3 lines on the page headed ‘Diagonal join to y’ in Handwriting 3 
Y2 Handwriting 
Today we are going to write a different word that has the letters ‘oi’ in the middle. What could it be? 

 Finish off the page headed ‘Diagonal join to short letters 1’ in Handwriting 6. 
Be kind and help others

Have you done anything to help someone else today?  Try to do a kind act for someone else. It might be to help with something or it might be to do something to cheer up another person.  A friendly wave and smile through the window can mean a lot to someone who is lonely.

Transport Learning Project
This week you will be learning more about transport.  You might find out  about different typs of transport, transport in the past or the science behind transport.  You could also learn about road safety and how to be safe around water. 


Wacky Wheels- Can you investigate bicycles from the past to the present?                                                                                   
How have they changed? 
Make a timeline of drawings of bikes through time
Have a look at the powerpoint slides below, to see lots of pictures and information about bicycles from the past.
The powerpoint might go into your downloads file.  Open the powerpoint into ‘slideshow’ so that you see everything.


Can you create a design for a bike in the future?

   Transport Through Time!-  
Look through these slides to find out what changes have taken place. 
Make sure you open the powerpoint into ‘slideshow’ so that you see everything.
  -How Has Transport Changed.ppt-  
  -History of transport-V299545752.pptx-  
 Pictures showing the first cars  -History of the car.pdf-  
 Pictures showing early space travel  -History of space travel.pptx-  
Activities that you might like to do:
Create a timeline of transport from the past to the present.
Find out about the first aeroplanes. Who was the first person to fly in one?
Find out about the first trains?  Who invented the first train?
 You could make a poster or fact file. 

Create a booklet about different forms of transport. You can choose which form of transport to write about:
You might want to do some more fact finding about rockets?
How about sports cars and racing cars?
Maybe, you are interested in sea travel – ships, submarine, boats, yachts? Perhaps trains or tractors?

Transport around the world Do all countries have the same types of transport? Investigate different forms of travel across the world.  Here’s a slide show for you to start your fact finding:

  -around the world.ppt-  
Maybe you could make a poster or a report about the transport used in a different country.

Moving Models-
Find some junk modelling around the house and a make a model car that moves.
If you prefer, you could make a model car from lego or a different construction kit.
Test it out in the garden or during your daily walk.
Does the car move faster or slower on a ramp? Why/why not?

Float your Boat!

Using a variety of materials to make boats out of junk e.g. wood, plastic , paper,  polystyrene etc.
Make a prediction about whether or not they will float and then test them to see which floats the longest. Can you write a report about which boat floated for the longest and why?
Brilliant Boats
  • Use tinfoil to create a simple boat design.
  • Try testing it by seeing how many coins it will hold.
  • What shape makes the best boat?
  • Don’t forget to recycle the tinfoil after using it!
Work hard, be kind and have a fun day. I will be back with you tomorrow!
Mrs Micklefield

A note for Parents, 
If you have any queries or problems, or anything you need help with, please feel free to contact me: If the children have any photographs, pictures or work that they are particularly proud of, please forward them to me and I will post some of them on the website later in the week.
I hope you are all well. 
Mrs Micklefield
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