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Class 2 - Monday 13th July

11 Jul 2020

Good Morning Reception and Year 1s. smiley

Welcome to Transition Week when you will be having a go at being in the class you will be in when we all come back in September. So if you are a Year 2 looking at this page you need to click on the Y3/4 page to see what activities Mr Gamble has set for you.

Who will your teacher be in September? Watch the video below to find out.

What would the tiger do if he came to tea at your house? Maybe he would jump on the bed or eat all the flowers in the garden, stand on the roof and roar or eat all the tables and chairs. 

Can you draw me a picture of what the tiger would do at your house? You can write some sentences under your picture ot tell me what is happening.

Let's get moving

Have fun joining in with the GoNoodle song 'Little Green Froggy'.


What do you like doing? 


 My favourite thing to do is play my violin. What is your favourite thing to do?

Is it painting or drawing a picture?  

Building with lego, knex or other construction toys? Playing with toy cars or tracktors? Running as fast as you can? Making a domino run? Building an imaginary land to tell stories? Playing in the water tray?


Take a photo of you doing your favourite thing and send it to me at mrshickingbotham@gfschools.co.uk

I am really looking forward to seeing your photos. 

Mrs Micklefield will be back tomorrow and here are some ideas for this week's learning project:


In this week’s learning project, we will be thinking about our favourite memories about things that we've done in school this year. 
We will also be thinking about our hopes and dreams for our next year in school.  There will be a different task each day.

Here is today's task:

Over the last year, you will have created many school memories that you will, hopefully, remember forever.
We are going to try to capture your memories, so that you can always keep them.

  • You could create a ‘Memory Jar’:  Draw or write down your favourite memories.  You could use different colours of paper cut into strips. Perhaps, blue for friendship, orange for favourite games, red for favourite lessons, yellow for teachers, green for school trips.   You might also have other things that you would like to write about.   Then, put all your memories into a jar or plastic bottle.   You could also decorate your jar.
  • You might like to do some drawings or paintings to show your favourite school memories.                                            

The activities below are for you to choose from throughout this week.                                                             
You don’t have to do them all.  Choose some activities that you think you will enjoy.

Art and Craft 

You  might also like to do a summer colouring picture or a mindfulness colouring: 
  -T-T-1041-Summer-Colouring-Sheets.pdf-                                   -T-T-24360-Summer-Mindfulness-Colouring-Sheets.pdf-  

 Make an ice-cream                                  Handprint sunflower                                                Seaside in a bottle

 -T-T-19079-Ice-Cream-Cone-Craft-Instructions.pdf-               -T-T-17588-Hand-Print-Sunflowers-Craft-Instructions.pdf-        -T-T-19276-Seaside-In-A-Bottle-Craft-Instructions.pdf-  
Outdoor activities:

                                                                    -Bug Count Outdoor Activity Sheet.pdf-
-Outdoor Activity Cards.pdf-  


Solving Problems

This is an activity for a hot day!   
-Pass the Water Challenge Activity.pdf-  

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