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Monday 30th March

27 Mar 2020

Monday 30th March 2020

  Good morning Home School!

Morning work

Get your journals and mark your morning work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area of the website. Use a pen or a coloured pencil.

Y1 Write the numbers to 20 in numerals. Use the laminated sheet. 
Y2 What day is it today? Write the correct word in joined up on the back of your number line. Use your dictionary to check that it is spelt correctly.

Listen to the poem I’m a Cat by Bernard Young.  (Click on the underlined words)
Watch the video again and pause on your favourite cat picture.
What adjectives would you use to describe the cat (stripy, bright eyes, white paws). Write them down on the back of your number line or hundred square.
Now use some of your words to write some sentences in your blue Home School book to describe the cat. Think about what he looks like and how he might behave. Remember that sentences must:
1) Start with a capital letter.
2) Make sense.
3) End with a full stop (or other punctuation mark).

 Maths Year 1  
  1. Get your maths booklet and mark your work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.
  2. Use a pack of playing cards. Turn over a card and count on to 20 from that card. 9  10 11 12 ......
  3. Play again. How quickly can you count on to 20 from each number? Are you faster than Friday?
  4. Turn over a playing card . Find that number on your number line and use your whiteboard pen to put a circle round it. Get that number of bricks (8). Put them on the number line. You could put your bricks anywhere on the number line and then count them. If you want the number line to help then you need to put the first brick in the first space, the second brick in the second space and keep going. If you look at the number you are at (8) the number line has counted your bricks for you!
  5. Now get a dice. Roll the dice. That is how many more bricks you are going to get. Can you imagine where you are going to put the bricks on your number line? How many bricks will you have altogether? Add the new bricks. Where you right?
  6. Play again a few more times.
  7. Complete page 6 of your Maths booklet. 'Adding 2,3 or 4'. You could use your number line and your bricks to help.
Log onto Sumdog and practice your mental maths. Your username and password are in your blue Home School book.

Maths Year 2  
  1. Get your maths booklet and Journal to mark your work from Friday. The answers are in the Homework area. Use a pen or coloured pencil.
  2. Circle all the multiples of 10 on your green number line.
  3. Look at your number line. What number is half way between 20 and 30? (25)
  4. What number is in the middle? Use a ruler and copy and complete the these questions in your Journal. You could use yor green number line to help.

Marking numbers on a blank number line. For each question think about: Which multiples of 10 is the number between? What number would be exactly in the middle? Which multiple of 10 is it closest to?

Use your ruler to copy and complete the questions in your Journal. 

Complete page 6 of your maths booklet 'Number lines'. 

Log onto Sumdog and practice your mental maths. Your username and password are in your blue Home School book.

Y1 & Y2 log onto Phonicsplay (on a computer).
Y1 Click on phase 5 and play Picnic On Pluto
Y2 Click on phase 6 and play Planetary Plural or Pond Life.

 If you are using a tablet then you need to click go to
Click on Log In at the top right. The username is march20 and the password is home. 
Now click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top left. Click on the + at the right of Resources. Click on phase 5 (Y1) or phase 6 (Y2) and play the games mentioned above.

Y1 and Y2 log onto WordShark. I have set some words for you to practice this week. Make sure you  click on the 'My Set Work' tab at the top of the screen. Practice spelling for 5 mins. 


Use your whiteboard pen and go over the curly letters f on your laminated letter formation sheet. 
Y1 Practice the letter 'f' on the third page of your handwriting book - 'Curly letters'.
Y2 Complete the page called 'Diagonal join to tall letters 1'.


Y1 & Y2 Read a few pages from your school book. Then quiet reading - you can carry on reading your school book, or choose a book you have at home or log onto PurpleMash and continue reading the Serial Mash book that you started at school.


Go back to the same place in your garden as last week and take your next photo for your photo diary. If you have a thermometer you could also take and record the temperature for today.

There is a special Christian celebration soon. Do you know what it is? Click here to find out.

Other Things
What else are you doing at Home School?

Did you play the RSPB game? 
Here is a challenge for you.
Which part of the bird do each of these feathers come from?

Careful cutting!
Best bet poster for the /oa/ sound.


Keep sending me signs of spring!

New wild garlic shoots.

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