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Wednesday 22nd April

21 Apr 2020

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

  Good morning Home School! 

Morning work

Use your purple pens to mark your work from yesterday. The answers are in the homework section of the website.

Get your journals and copy and complete as many questions as you can. Think about quick ways to work out the answers. You might need to use a different method for each question. Is multiplication commutative? (e.g. 4x2=2x4)


Black  - questions for everyone

Blue - Y2


Today we are going to be practicing another caterpillar letter. Which caterpillar letters have we practiced so far this week? Why am I calling them caterpillar letters? Watch the video below.

Y1 practice the letter 'd' on the first page of your Handwriting Extra booklet.

Y2 go over the letter 'd' on your laminated letter formation sheet. Copy these words into your Home School book. Practice each word a few times. Will I be able to tell which letters are tall and which letters are short?

Y1 & Y2 I have found a poem about tractors. 

I was trying to write down the names of the farm horses from yesterday but they don't look right.

doc     yogi      duke

What have I forgotten?
Oh yes, names must start with a capital letter. So they should look like this.

Doc    Yogi    Duke

Y1 Go to the 'Pets' Names' page in your Punctuation and Grammar booklet. Alf has been trying to write down the names of his pets but he has forgotten about his capital letters. Can you write the correct name under the picture of each pet. Remember to start each name with a capital letter otherwise Coco the clown will be very upset!

  1. Find page 6 in your Punctuation and Grammar booklet. Read the instructions that Alf and Bet are saying then complete the page. Don't forget to use joined up handwriting.
  2. At the bottom of the page you could write 4 sentences about the zoo or 4 sentences about tractors or the farm horses. If you don't think there is enough room on the page for your sentences then write them in your Home School book. 
  3. Get your highlighter pen and highlight any capital letters and full stops that you have used. If you wrote 4 sentences how many capital letters should you have?  

 Y1 Maths

Use your purple pens to carefully and neatly mark your work from yesterday.

Watch the video below to find out what we are going to do today.

Find and complete the next sheet in your Money Practice booklet. It should say 'How much is there in each purse?' at the top. 

Remember that a quicker way to write 3 pence is 3p.

Log onto SumdogI have set some 'Let's practice money' work for you to do all this week.

Y2 Maths 

1) Charles and Lulu have been saving more money. Here is a picture.

Can you count how much money each of the chn have? My friend used multibase to help. Write your notes, number sentences, workings and answers in your journal and we will do this problem together in a minute.

2) Now they want to know what notes they could use to make these amounts. Can you remember the 4 different types of notes that we have in the UK? 

Show the notes that they could use in your Journal. You could draw the notes, write the values of the notes you want them to use or write an equation/number sentence.

Let's go through the porblems together. Watch the video below.

Todays page in your Maths No Problem books is p22. 

Challenge: How many different ways can you make £20 using notes? Show me in your journal. You could draw the notes, write number sentences, write the note values, or however you want to show me. Take a photo and send it to me.

Log onto SumdogI have set some 'Let's practice money' work for you to do all this week.
Maths Super Challenge

Y1 log onto Phonicsplay or https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/
Y1 play any phase 5 game.

Y2 Go to https://www.spellingplay.co.uk/y2_member/apostrophe_matching.html to match the words to their contractions.

Y1 and Y2 practice your spellings using the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' method on your spelling sheets then log onto WordShark. I have set this weeks spellings so you need click on the 'My Set Work' tab at the top of the screen. Practice spelling for 10 mins. 



Y1 & Y2 Read a few pages from your school book. Then quiet reading for 20 mins - you can carry on reading your school book, or choose a book you have at home. Think about a quiet place you could go to read. Maybe outside?


Log onto https://charanga.com 
Click on Assignments then Zootime – Step 1
On the right hand side you will see 4 activities that you will be doing each day this week. Today click on the third activity ‘Learn the song - Zootime’
Choose 'verse - first half' and learn to sing the first half of the song. Can you remember the words without looking?


Look around your house or farm. I wonder how things have changed over the years. What did people do before we had televisions, computers, phones, washing machines, cars, electric or gas cookers? What can you find out? Try helping your family to cook dinner and imagine what it would have been like without your electric or gas cooker. Offer to hoover your bedroom. How would children have cleaned their bedroom without a hoover?

Other Things
What else are you doing at Home School?

Mrs Graham-Bell you have lots of tadpoles!

Another super piece of work about tractors.

Really concentrating to get those moves to the pulse in Charanga music. 

 Working hard on the farm.

Those lambs look very cute but I bet they need a lot of looking after.


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